About Volume Two

Wikiklesia is an experiment in P2P publishing. The Wikiklesia charter is to "gather a diverse cross-section of the virtually connected ecclesia into a common forum to discuss the most important issues facing contemporary Christianity, giving voice to emerging writers along side accomplished authors." Wikiklesia is crowd-sourced - its values are fluid and each new editorial team can shape Wikiklesia to their unique objectives.

Wikiklesia: Volume Two will re-examine and re-imagine the roles of women of faith. The purpose of "Taking Flight" is four fold:

  • To inspire and challenge. Many in religious circles may agree with the idea of equality in theory and in theology, but often bias and discriminatory practice persists. Even in the most progressive religious circles, women’s leadership is not encouraged nor are women’s contributions acknowledged equally. Volume two, with integrity and grace, poses new perspectives for Christian leaders.
  • To inspire women to take flight using contemporary and historical examples. Women of faith represent a latent army of world changers and advocates, that if inspired could affect the world in dramatic ways. An unprecedented, historic window of opportunity is opening at this time.
  • To inspire balanced gender participation and representation within faith based community. Faith communities are undergoing change. People are slowly migrating toward a more experiential and participatory settings which de emphasizes hierarchically dominant structures. The opportunity to pursue and implement decentralized structures will not be fully realized without fully integrating women’s perspectives.
  • To offer a renewed apologetic to those outside the faith. It is abundantly obvious from “secular” practice that women are equally gifted for service and world leadership. The church must broaden and renegotiate its theological anthropology to recognize the radical nature of Jesus valuation of women and thus take its right place in the world.

Volume Two is looking for thinkers and doers exploring opportunities for women's voices and influence in global and faith leadership —both within and beyond the traditional framework of religious institutions and settings.

What does the next generation woman of faith look like? Why is her expression needed? How can future generations of women be inspired to realize their God-given potential? What type of productive solutions are needed to help faith communities integrate women's giftings? How could this shape global community? How will further progress be made? We need your stories – the courageous visionaries who are re-examining and re-imagining the roles of women of faith – to present a fresh, comprehensive view that will inspire women and men to look expectantly towards a positively transformed 21st century ecclesia.

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