Editor's FAQ

Guidelines for Wikiklesia Editors

1. Editor's Tasks

Wikiklesia editors are responsible for all facets of their project:

  • define the project thesis and scope
  • define chapter length and number of authors required (suggest 30 to 50 authors and no more than 100,000 words total)
  • announce the project and make a call for authors. use the power of internet tribes to maximize your reach
  • create and announce deadline for chapter submission
  • fully edit each chapter
  • reject any chapter that is: (1) significantly off-topic, (2) potentially libelous or slanderous, (3) does not meet reasonable literary standards
  • compile chapters into a book format using Microsoft Word (DOC)
  • follow page layout guidelines (see below)
  • determine launch date(s) of e-book and paperback book. suggest same-date launch
  • create (or call for artists who can create) cover art and any desired inside / incidental art
  • solicit book endorsements, and encourage authors to do the same
  • manage your Lulu.com account and storefront

2. New Projects
A new Wikiklesia project is born when a potential editor proposes a project to two former Wikiklesia editors and the project is accepted by both editors.

3. Editorial Team
A minimum of two editors should facilitate a Wikiklesia project. Editing a Wikiklesia project is a LOT of work. Editors should have good writing skills and exhibit an extraordinary passion for their topic.

4. Charity
Editors will pick a highly regarded non-profit charity to support. ALL proceeds from your project must be given to your charity of choice.

5. Engagement
Editors should be evangelists for the project: remain in frequent contact with your authors, create press release(s), generate excitement, and remind authors to publicize the project on their blogs, web sites, and among their sphere of influence. If you don't drive the project, nobody else will. The more books you sell, the more money you raise for charity.

6. Authors
Wikiklesia is a way for emerging writers to work along side seasoned authors. Before you make a public "call to authors" - consider making a private invitation to a few "thought leaders" in your chosen topic. Your project will benefit from a the inclusion of a few professional writers, and your other authors will appreciate the opportunity to work along side accomplished pros.

7. Incidental Costs
Incidental costs of publishing a Wikiklesia Volume may be underwritten by the Millennia Foundation. Such costs include obtaining an ISBN number and proof copies. Contact ten.spj|lj#ten.spj|lj before making monetary commitments.

8. Book Layout Guidelines
Volume One of the Wikiklesia Project was compiled by Peggy Brown. She has created a comprehensive physical publishing guide which will answer most layout questions ==> LINK

  • These are guidelines. They are subject to change as we learn more. The Wikiklesia project was designed to encourage ecclesial creativity. Have some new ideas? Go for it. Moreover, Wikiklesia is simply a new kind of distributed communication vehicle. Wikiklesia was not designed to become The Clearinghouse for neo-ecclesial publishing. Potential editors should consider building their own vehicle. The church is not a place for competition, but cooperation.
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