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As we're getting ready to publish this second volume, we're looking forward to having a place for folks to talk about what they are thinking and hearing and seeing in terms of responses on blogs, articles … anything. I'll keep an eye open for conversations here to see if I can help facilitate the discussion.

Flutterings.... by AbiSomeoneAbiSomeone, 06 Jun 2010 23:17

Wikiklesia is an experiment in self-organizing community. Len and I started this, but once the first book project is well underway, it's time for another pair (trio?) of editors to begin a new project. If you have a passion for Volume Two, please contact us.

We're seeking a long-term sustainable format for the Wikiklesia Project. The original idea was that each book's editors would select the next book's editors, and so on. I think for a while, we'll all need to make this up as we go along. A clear, organic, shared/participatory process will emerge over time. But only with input from the Wikiklesia community.

Your thoughts?

Wikiklesia Volume TWO by wikiopwikiop, 19 Jul 2007 04:12

The Not For Sale Campaign will be promoting Wikiklesia Volume One in their online magazine The Underground as an "Abolitionist of the Week" activity. This promotion will be coordinated with the release of the print version in August.

There have been a number of small change requests trickling in…and it is important that we get it right…now. So, give your chapter one more look and if there are any TYPOS, not better word smithing, I am happy to fix those during final formatting. I may have already caught them!

Our chapter titles have now been posted and the general public has been pointed toward our Wiki site for that information. We need to be content with our chapter titles and other things here quickly, friends.

Do not resend your chapter to me…just e-mail me the sentence the error is in and highlight the error.



I agree, Tom…there are angry swarms that are defensive "flight or fight" mechanisms.

But that is all the more reason for those of us who believe in the Holy Spirit's "swarming" power to step up to the plate and start forging some of the necessary tools for recognizing the difference…at least starting amongst ourselves.

Collaborative communication is still in its infancy…we have a chance to do some major leading here…wouldn't that be refreshing? ;)

Any "blacksmiths" out there???

I share your excitement for the notion of "swarming." With your permission, however, let me suggest that "swarming" may take two forms, forms with important differences. There is a biological "swarm," for example, that we see in nature. Though we consider human nature more advanced and sophisticated, the biological version remains the prevalent form of "swarming" for us. It is a knee-jerk reaction to anything and everything—though done with "intelligence" and "love." It's differs little from the rioting at soccer games, but we dress it up by calling it something like "religion" or a "particular" religion. The other kind of "swarming" is described in the second chapter of the book of Acts. Unfortunately, few understand the difference. Our culture, after all, has given us no tools to recognize the difference. This dilemma may prove the greatest impasse for our moment in history. Blessings, Tom Hohstadt

I just happened to check in at Alan's blog (to share our launch date)…and this thread's first comment was directed to me! And Alan is right…this is very much a part of what I have in mind for the organic, meta-church planting movement I've been working on for the past 18 months…

But the implications for what we've been doing, and what we want to continue doing with the Wikiklesia Project are huge. The collaboration that's been described in many of the chapters is very "swarmy" and I don't mean "smarmy"! But there are deeper and more subtle levels of the "simple" and "uncomplicated" communication happening…and I'm looking forward to pondering it some more.

I would love to ponder this here with anyone else in a pondering mood. As if you all don't have anything else to do…I know I'm just eating bon bons and watching soaps (NOT ;) ) — when I'm not working on our book, that is!

Hello, All!

I am hoping to add your abstracts to the chapter titles…those of you who have already sent yours in, I'll get them over here soon. Anyone wanting to send one may e-mail me or send me a private message…or, just reply to this and I'll get it that way!



Re: Chapter Title Listing by AbiSomeoneAbiSomeone, 10 Jul 2007 01:55

Peggy has listed all chapter titles here. These can be used for promotional pages, etc..

Peggy, for those who haven't been paying attention, is taking your text files and formatting them into our e-book. It's a big job - please give Peggy a big virtual hug when you get a chance.

Chapter Title Listing by wikiopwikiop, 09 Jul 2007 20:47

Welcome to the new Wikiklesia author forum. This is our gathering place to share ideas, offer comments, or just chat about anything related to the Wikiklesia Project. You are invited to create new topics or reply to existing topics. You can even create an entirely new Forum Category if you think it's appropriate.

The Forum can be viewed by anyone, but right now only Wikiklesia authors with a site password can participate in Forum conversations. This may change at a later date. -JL

Welcome by wikiopwikiop, 09 Jul 2007 20:03
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