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The Wikiklesia Project: Volume Two
Taking Flight: Reclaiming the female half of God's Image through advocacy and renewal

Wikiklesia may be the world’s first self-perpetuating nomadic business model: raising money for charities - giving voice to emerging writers and artists - generating a continuous stream of new anthologies covering all manner of relevant topics. The award winning Wikiklesia Project: Volume One broke new ground as a crowd sourced, collaborative ecclesial publishing model. Wiki One presented a "far reaching exploration of spiritual journey contextualized within a culture of increasingly immersive technology.” Wiki Two enlarges the virtual anthology by exploring the rapidly changing perception of women in faith leadership and how their participation will shape future ecclesial settings.

We are inviting you, both men and women, both published and non-published authors, bloggers, creatives and practitioners, to share your perspective and experiences. Send us a 2-4 paragraph proposal for approval. We will select a compilation of the most visionary and thought-provoking chapters for a hard copy book. Sister publications with traditional publishers are also on the radar. Finished chapters should be maximum 3500 words. Images, diagrams, photos, poetry, and resources are welcomed. A number of guest authors and bloggers have been confirmed and submissions for future editions are open.

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