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Publication Date: 1 July 2010
Distributed by: Samizdat Creative and Wikiklesia Press
ISBN: 978-0-9796856-3-7


Wikiklesia Volume 2, Taking Flight: Reclaiming the Female Half of God’s Image through Advocacy and Renewal, explores the historical backgrounds and changing perceptions of women’s status both in faith community and throughout the world. In this collaborative volume, we hear from bestselling authors, theologians, bloggers, leaders and practitioners, pastors, artists, entrepreneurs and a former U.S. president. From their diverse backgrounds, these contributors offer a fresh approach to the issue of gender roles as tsunamis of post-industrial societal and economic shifts transform cultures worldwide. This changing landscape is not one the church can fail to recognize and hope to successfully navigate the future. Will it react, engage in unremitting theological debate, or will it act by seeking the high ground of integrity, balance and harmony? Is it possible?

ABOUT WIKIKLESIA: The award winning Wikiklesia Project, is a ground breaking, ecclesial publishing experiment in personal participatory media and on-line collaborative publishing. This project has created a non profit, between - publishing paradigm based on collaboration over copyright. The model is flexible and nomadic, exploring new publishing paradigms that not only create streams of information and narrative, but which have the potential to generate social movement as well as raise money for charities.

ABOUT SAMIZDAT CREATIVE: As the old publishing model crumbles, Samizdat Creative is a trailblazer in the new world of hybrid publishing, turning the old model on its head to collaborate with and serve the author for more equal benefit. Samizdat Creative exists to first serve the authors and organizations who have a lot to say but who may not fit into the box of traditional publishing by providing editing, design, creative consulting, and an indie publishing imprint.

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