Thought Leader or Change Agent - Which are You?

Wikiklesia: Volume Two will include contributors who are both thought leaders (writers, bloggers) and change agents (pioneers of innovations that benefit humanity)
Change agents are those in the field utilizing their eduction, gifts and skills.

Women are often overlooked in terms of their contributions. Choosing to remain under the radar, they are heard about the least, yet they are those who need our support and can inspire the most by their courage and examples.

Thought leaders can contribute in traditional chapter format and change agents may choose to follow the practitioner format below:

Describe your vision, project, initiative or organization sector focus: FBO (faith based org), CBO (community based org), non-profit, business, hybrid:

  • When was it started
  • What inspired or motivated your big idea? What is your personal story
  • What is your signature innovation – what makes your idea unique / who benefits
  • How is your innovation implemented / how do you solve the particular problem you are addressing
  • Explain your main activities and plans for growth
  • Major setbacks, challenges, barriers
  • Who supports your work, existing partnerships, and who can do more to support your initiative
  • What are your results so far as well as potential for the future
  • What advise would you give others starting various types of projects or virtuous ventures
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