Volume Two Publishing Model

The Wikiklesia publishing model is flexible and nomadic. The format can change each time a new volume changes hands.

Volume Two Theme: This volume is focused on re-examining and re-imagining the roles of women of faith.

What does the next generation woman of faith look like? Why is her expression needed? How can future generations of women be inspired to realize their God-given potential? What type of productive solutions are needed to help faith communities integrate women's giftings? How could this shape global community? Volume Two is looking for thinkers and doers exploring opportunities for women's roles in global and faith leadership beyond the traditional framework of religious institutions and settings.

Volume Two is seeking inspirational redemptive themes. Our narrative must be constructive in nature, reviewing unproductive approaches in a positive fashion. Motives must be those of humility and compassion, solution-centric, creating value for cooperation and mutual respect. Our job is to discern and create new language, avoiding idioms that polarize, stereotype, and stigmatize.

Phase I—Announcement and invitation for proposals

  • Announcement and invitation
  • Proposal length is 3-5 paragraphs
  • Send proposals—last names beginning with A-L to moc.aidem-lim|htnyc#aihtnyC, and M-Z to moc.liamg|ragenerbde#ragenerB dE
  • 30 chapters will be included in for final publication

Phase 2—Chapter submission

  • Guidelines for document format file. Following these guidelines is imperative.
  • Maximum chapter size is between 1,500 and 3,500 words max (reduce appropriately if charts or images are used).
  • We are looking for contributors who are both thought leaders (writers, bloggers) and change agents (pioneers of innovations that benefit humanity). Change agents are those in the field utilizing their education, gifts and skills. We want to see how people are putting thoughts into action along with teamwork models that include women in various strategic or leadership roles.
  • Guidelines for change agents

Phase 3—Book production, sales, viral promotion / distribution and ongoing social movement

  • Volume Two aspires to set new goals in both viral promotion / distribution and social movement. Ideas and guidelines as to how this might be achieved are welcomed.

Book Production, Blog and Future Resource Web Site

moc.evitaerctadzimas|belac#gnileeS belaC at Samizdat Creative Services
Marketing and leadership tools for authors -Anna Clark at Anna Clark Consulting
Production coordinator, artistic director, lead editor moc.aidem-lim|htnyc#uorG aL aihtnyC

Initial proceeds from the book will cover production costs, then go toward a a resource website which will be an extension of the books theme. Gender ratio for women's leadership and public speaking within faith context is unbalanced and unrepresentative of faith community. The site will feature a women's speakers, writers, practitioners listing / database, which will also include resources such as books, links, mentoring, events, marketing and leadership tools. A blog (not gender exclusive) will include antidotes, quotes, press, articles, practitioner profiles and news, and will focus on action and practice as opposed to the often paralyzing theological debate surrounding women's roles. This is meant solely for inspiration towards faith and good works and is not limited to any specific Christian niche - but broad based, crowd sourced and open source. Once established any remaining book proceeds would go to a selected charity.

Other project needs:

  • Artists, poets, dreamers, insightful male contributors, husband/wife collaborators
  • Scholarly theology with a balanced gender perspective

Be sure to explore this site and check out Writers' FAQ as well

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