Writer's FAQ

Guidelines for Wikiklesia Writers

1. Writing Style
Explore elements of your topic that go deep into your passion. Your chapter should not just inform, but engage and deeply inspire - present new vistas - cause people to re-imagine their latent qualities as followers of The Way. More broadly, Wikiklesia authors are engaging a global vision of the Church's future - chapters that are as inspirational as informational - chapters that engage the reader's heart / emotion / will / imagination, as well as intellect - writing that confronts the reader's comfort zone and causes them to wrestle with new ideas - writing that presents Jesus not confined to a man-made matrix, but released throughout the world via new relational vehicles.

2. Length
Varies with each volume. Ask your editor.

3. Audio
Varies with each volume. Ask your editor.

4. Editing
Edit your work. If you're not good at editing, let someone you trust do it. We're making ecclesiastical history here - please fix your typos.

5. New Work
All chapters must be original material.

6. Exclusivity
Your chapter will remain exclusive to the Wikiklesia Project for six months after first public release. After that, you may post your work elsewhere (blog, etc.). If everyone posted their work, nobody would buy the book. Short excerpts on blogs, reviews, press releases are fine.

7. Format
A chapter template (Microsoft DOC file) is available HERE. Images should be in a standard PDF-friendly format - JPG, etc.. Your editor will take care of any additional formatting.

8. Release
A release form must be signed and returned before your chapter can be included. This releases the Project editors from liability related to potential libel, slander, or plagiarism in your chapter. Writers assume all responsibility for any damages resulting from their chapter.

9. Scope
This is a largely self-organizing project. Once an editor has OK'ed your topic, you define the scope, weight, and thrusts of your chapter, though it should relate in some way (directly or otherwise) to the Project theme. Editors retain veto power for any chapter submitted.

The Wikiklesia Project is designed to create a continual stream of new books. Towards this goal, new editors will always be needed to oversee projects. If you have a passion for a topic that would make a dynamite Wikiklesia book, want to raise money for a favorite charity, and have about 20-25 extra hours to contribute, contact a Wikiklesia editor.

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